About Kilsyth Tech Repairs Limited




Our task is to maintain customer satisfaction by providing the highest quality service at an affordable price. Thus ensuring our business expands by referrals from our satisfied clients.




Based in Kilsyth, Kilsyth Tech Repairs Limited provides a highly sought after service to local Authorities, Education, SME's and local home users.


 1 Hour Laptop LCD Replacement - from £65.00 including  Screen



  • Hard drive Data recovery and replacement
  • Main-board Power socket repairs
  • Logic board repairs and replacement
  • Keyboard  and touch pad repairs


    Business Solutions

     Kilsyth Tech Repairs Limited offers a range of solutions and services for SMEs , Sole traders working from home and the private home user throughout Central Scotland.




    Of course, prevention is always better than cure, and in addition to our emergency response service, we also provide a range of IT Support services to make sure that your networks run smoothly and that you invest in the appropriate computing equipment for your business.


    With our innovative payment plans there is no need to worry about large single payments to upgrade or replace your equipment.














    On-site Services


      Kilsyth Tech Repairs Limited  


    also provide cover and services for software and network issues.


  • Network design, installation and Implementation
  • Server configuration and support
  • Wireless Internet Security
  • On-line Data Backup
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Virus prevention and resolution














    Contact Kilsyth Tech Repairs Limited  01236 829 058  for more information or advice on your current I.T.




    "Talk to those in the know"  Don't wast time talking with sales personnel in chain-stores or people who simply know more than you, Your time is money - our job is to aid you to save money and time.




    Call Kilsyth Tech Repairs Limited01236 829 058   for professional and effective IT Support.


    Email: Kilsyth Tech Repairs Limited




    Why Use Kilsyth Tech Repairs Limited


    1. 20+ Years hands on experience.
    2. Educated to Degree Level (BSc Masters Information Technology)
    3. Dell Certified systems Engineer. (DCSE)
    4. Hardware Professional Certification ( Compt TiA+)
    5. Graduate of the CCNA Cisco Accadamy 
    6. Microsoft Licencing Sales Specialist.
    7. Microsoft OEM System Builder.
    8. Wireless Certified Technician
    9. Laptop Certified Systems Engineer.